Dear guests,
Due to one of the worst droughts in recent Malaysian history, combined with unusually low rainfall in the last monsoon, the stores of groundwater (from which Rawa derives all of its fresh water) have been significantly depleted. This has resulted in the shower and tap water being a lot more salty this year. To ship fresh water in to the island is both extremely costly (and would result in a significant price increase for your stay) and is not environmentally friendly. We therefore ask our guests to please be tolerant of a situation beyond our control. We fully expect nature to rebalance the situation on its own within the next few months: However should the issue continue, we assure you that we will take steps to improve the situation ourselves.

Sincere regards,
The Alangs Rawa Team

Soft white sand, clear blue sea, and bright sunshine. Alang’s Rawa is your own private island, the perfect getaway for when you want to escape the hassle of everyday life. With only 14 rooms and the most laid-back atmosphere you can find, Alang’s Rawa wants you to feel like you’re at home. Our friendly staff are here to make sure you get what you need, but other than that the island is yours to do as you want. Swim, snorkel, sunbathe, or take part in the many other activities in this tropical paradise; the island is yours for the taking.

Rawa Island is part of the Seri Buat archipelago on the south-east coast of Malaysia.The east coast sees perfect weather for around ten months of the year, and this happy climate gives rise to a series of stunning islands of which Rawa is the jewel in the crown. Just a couple of hours drive from Singapore or KL to the port of Mersing, Rawa is just a quick 25 minute boat ride away in one of our private speedboats.

During the week the island is a peaceful oasis, a dream getaway of calm and solitude. Children and families are welcome, and the island is the perfect place for a romantic honeymoon or celebration. We’ll always do our best to accommodate any special requests. Our restaurant is famous for its delicious food and friendly atmosphere, with beachside tables lit by flaming lanterns setting the scene for the beautifully prepared and carefully thought-out menu.

At the weekends
however, we transform into one of the best nightlife locations in the region, with legendary Saturday night barbecues, parties, and events. Our spectacular cocktail list ignores tired old favourites and instead is a totally original mix using fresh local fruits, juices, and spices. It's a rare saturday night that people aren't dancing on the tables by the end of the evening! Note : Children under 16 are not allowed on weekends.

Alang’s Rawa is a privately-owned and family-run resort, small and sweet rather than big and slick – after all, the best things come in small packages! You’ll find no buffet dinners, annoying inclusive packages full of things you don’t want, or staff who don’t know your name. Instead you can put on your own music, play with our gorgeous dogs, or just hang out and chat with the friendly, happy staff.

Many of our guests
turn into friends, and return week after week, year after year, because Rawa is their home away from home. We hope you will do the same!

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